Frequently Asked Questions


What is The DIY PR Project?

The DIY PR Project: Prep for & Procure Your Own Publicity is a five-week guided online interactive workshop for small business owners, creative entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to learn how to prep for and procure their own publicity. Attendees will receive virtual PR lessons and optional coaching from FACTEUR PR Director and Founder, Reena Goodwin, and conclude the course with a completed Pitch Pack for their business.

Who is The DIY PR Project for?

The DIY PR Project is for anyone who is interested in learning how to earn press for their personal brand or business. It's also for marketing professionals who would like to learn PR and really, anyone with a passion for learning and working hard to make their dreams happen. 

Are results guaranteed?

No. This is important. The ONLY guaranteed way of appearing in the media is through a sponsored spend or advertising. This is true even if you hire a professional publicist. It’s called earned media for a reason. The decision as to whether or not your brand will be included in a story is entirely up to the journalist or editor. What this course promises to give you are the tools and insights necessary to make press happen for your brand. You still need to do the work, but we promise, it will be worth it!

What do I need to be able to do this course?

First and foremost: passion. You need passion. PR is not easy, but if you're passionate about the work you're doing, the journalists you're pitching will see that. If you're not passionate, why should anyone else be? Secondly, you will need patience. Patience with yourself to learn a new skill, and patience with the process of getting the word out about your passion.

As far as time and resources, budget about 30 minutes week to watch the videos, and approximately one-two hours to complete each workbook. Additionally, you will of course need a.) high speed internet to watch the live videos and participate in the discussions on our Facebook page, b.) a Facebook profile to join the group, c.) a free Canva account to access and edit the workbooks.

What is the schedule?

The links to the workshop videos and corresponding workbooks are delivered straight to your inbox immediately after purchase. Any questions or feedback you have about the week’s lesson are open for discussion in the Facebook group.

You'll always have access to re-watch any of the videos and complete your five workbooks at your own pace, which together ultimately create your Pitch Pack. As an option, you can submit your Pitch Pack to Reena to to review, and you'll receive written feedback on your Pitch Pack so that you move ahead on your own DIY PR efforts feeling assured!

See the full schedule here!

What is included in my purchase?

  • Five 20-minute educational workshop videos

  • Five workbooks to put your PR efforts into action and create your own DIY PR Pitch Pack

  • The DIY PR Resource Guide

  • Optional thorough review and thoughtful feedback on your completed PR workbook by Reena Goodwin

  • Access to our closed Facebook group where you can ask questions between the workshop sessions and communicate with fellow attendees

If I don’t sign up for the review, can I still ask questions?

Absolutely! Your access to the private Facebook group gives you the opportunity to ask questions of your instructor or fellow attendees at any time throughout the course.

Will The DIY PR Project eliminate the need for a publicist?

While this course will teach you more about PR than most people know about PR, there is no way we could cover everything there is to know about publicity in the span of five weeks. Completing this program gives you the opportunity to be your own publicist. You'll be armed with the basic knowledge and tools to feel confident in pitching your story to the media and landing coverage anytime. As your business or brand grows and your responsibilities and income grow, it might be worthwhile to outsource or hire a full-time professional.

What is the investment?

Including the courses and consulting, The DIY PR Project: Prep for & Procure Your Own Publicity is $397. That includes five educational videos accessible at any time after the course, the Pitch Pack composed of five actionable workbooks, lifetime access to our private Facebook group, accountability and motivation, and the support you need to make your dreams a realty. You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to be your own publicist - any day, any season, any time. The optional personal review period is an additional $197.

Do you offer payment plans?

At this time, we do not. But if the struggle is real, please contact us at, and we'll try to work something out.

I registered but need to cancel. How do I do that?

Here is our cancellation policy - please read it carefully! If you register and have to cancel, we are able to give you a full refund with written notice delivered one week after beginning the course. Two weeks into the course, we can refund 50% of your registration fee. After the course has concluded, we are unable to process any refunds. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with this course, please contact us at

I need more one-on-one coaching. Can I hire you?

If you are interested in collaborating with Reena Goodwin for coaching or full-service PR support, head to

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

We would love to answer any questions you might have! You can reach out to us anytime at